parkrun Report - Sat 2nd June

Winter didn't slow some of you down with 12 DCR PBs recorded at DCp. Well done to:


Jessica K - 23 seconds, sub 25
Emily K - 6 seconds
Daniel R - 8 seconds
Sandra S - 18 seconds
Irene R - 10 seconds
Scott T - 10 seconds
Lisa K - 53 seconds
Caroline McK - 7 seconds
Sebastian  - 3 in a row!
Paul I - 1:06
Kirsty J and Sue I - sub 37 (pictured)

Congrats to Sarina G who ticked over her 25th parkrun, to Lesley N and Joanne C who notched up 75 parkruns, and to Frankie P who joined Club 100.

Representing in the vol vests this week were Debbie E, Dianne L, Michelle R, Jess R, Yvonne S, Amelie and Nikki W.

The DCR flag was flown all over the place. In addition to the 90 finishers at DCp, Caroline McG, Sally H, Narelle Mc, Kirsty L, Helena C, Michelle E and Frankie P ran at Westerfolds, Jess H strolled along the beach at Inverloch, Stephanie S ran at Coburg, Cath N visited Jells, and Stephen J, Carly S and Jonathan S ran along the Darebin Trail. And over in the UK, David and Trish W crossed the line at Eastbourne, and Caroline McK ran at Torbay Velopark.

Have a great weekend and happy running.

parkrun Report - Sat 27th May

We had 9 PBs at parkrun on the weekend. Scott H ran 17 seconds quicker and Nicole B was 13 seconds quicker. Rebecca M took 2:53 off her PB and Jodie W ran a sub 39 by taking almost 3 mins off her previous PB. It was two in a row for Noorie  and Sebastian. Three in a row for Sandra W and a whopping 4 in a row for Zac G. And 12 months to the weekend from his last PB, Darren H ran a 22 second PB. Well done everyone.

We hope the pacers inspired some good runs. Thanks to Craig R, David S, James S, Lisa Z, Sally H, Aldo A, Bruce B, Dario C, Andrew C, Sarah G, Adrian L and Toni K for pacing.

Some milestones to celebrate this week:
25 parkruns - Ruby Mc
50 parkruns - Cathy L
75 parkruns - Wil B
100 parkruns - Debbie E

Once again, we were well represented in the vol vests. Thanks to Danielle B, Lyn B, Tracey E, Dean M, Sophie, Terry, Michelle R, Craig M and Nikki.

Checking out other 5km tracks were Shara G at Albert Melbourne, Daryl C ran at New Farm, Russell W was in sunny Cairns, Trevor and Irene were at Highlands, David C wan along the Maribyrnong river, Deb D, Stephanie S, Cath N and Caroline Mc were at Darebin, and David and Trish visited St Albans all the way over in the UK.

The amazing comradery of parkrun and power of looking out for others was shown by Sarah G who grabbed Jane's hand and helped her get a 2:18 minute PB. Truly awesome!

parkrun Report - Sat 20th May

DCR members ran at 8 different parkruns last Saturday. Alyce F ran at Albert Melbourne, Sally H, Katrina M, Sophie and Caroline tackled the hills at Westerfolds, James S ran around Lillydale Lake, Alyssha P ran at Frog Hollow, Jesse R was at Lalor, Daniel R ran interstate at The Entrance, Caroline McK, Cath N and Frankie P were at Darebin, and we had 70 cross the finish line home at Diamond Creek.

Celebrating milestones this week were Mike H and Craig M who joined Club 100, and Glenda M who ticked over 125 parkruns. Well done guys.

We have 8 PBs to acknowledge this week. It was 2 in a row for Sophie D, Bec D was 13 seconds quicker, Emily K ran her first sub 26 and Sandra S achieved her goal early by running a sub 30. It was hat-trick of PBs for Zac G, Jessica K and Cate H. And after 18 months, Noorie took 59 seconds off her PB and ran a sub 28. These are all fantastic achievements!

And finally, thanks for volunteering to Andrew, Daryl and Craig M.

There are pacers at DCR this week so if you're looking for a PBs, it's a great way to have someone help you along.




parkrun Report - Sat 6th May

Welcome to the DCR parkrun team to Beth C and Michael and Sophia. Congrats on your first parkrun - you were part of the 97 DCRs at Diamond Creek.

Petie L and Danielle T each clicked over 25 parkruns, Darren H and Megan H joined Club 50, Lyn B ran her 100th parkrun, and Jess R crossed the finish line for the 125th time. Consistency is a huge part of running - well done guys.

The planets aligned for some with 9 PBs recorded. Donna E ran her first sub 28, Raja A took 24 seconds off her time, Wil B was 9 seconds quicker and it was a 23 second PB for Charlie W. Zac G and Jessica K got their second PBs in a row, with Zac running his first sub 27. And some long standing PBs were broken by Neil Mc, who ran his first sub 22 and first PB in 11 months, and Teresa T took 9 seconds off her 9 month PB. Fantastic results everyone.

Once again, DCR were prominent in the vol vests. Thanks to Steph, Andrew and Daryl, Nicky H, Matilda W, Michelle R, Daniel R, Trevor S, Amelie and Ben, and Megan V.

We had DCRs running in NSW, SA and the UK this week - Alyce F was at Albert Park, Sammie P braved the cold in Ballarat, Craig M ran around the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier, Toni Mc was in Campbelltown, Judith C was at Lalor, Caroline Mc and Danielle B ran at Darebin, Frankie P celebrated the launch at Timboon, and Carolyn L ran at Portobello parkrun in Edinburgh UK. Great to see you guys fitting in your run while away from home.

Love this photos of our junior PB getters and the grown ups running with them.

parkrun Report - Sat 6th May

Let's start with our volunteers this week - thanks to Fiona B, Tracey E, Sonia and Sarina, Elishia H, Michelle R, Ben T, Teresa T and Scott T for representing DCR in the volunteer vests.

Some milestones to celebrate:
First parkrun - Michala R and Danielle B
25 parkruns - Helena C and Sophie Mc
50 parkruns - Kim M and Erin N
75 parkruns - Renae W
150 parkruns - Daryl C

We had a whopping 9 PBs this week. Cate H ran 39 seconds quicker for her second PB in a row, Linda B knocked 1:08 off her time for a sub 34 finish, Trevor R broke a 7 month drought with an 8 second PB, Sandra S ran 4 seconds quicker than before, John M ran his first sub 28 with a 55 second PB, and Lachlan C was our first DCR across the line with a 47 second PB in a sub 20 time. Our juniors also starred with Zac G taking 1:45 off his PB in just 5 weeks, Jessica K taking 1:37 off in 6 months and Sophie Mc taking 1:38 off in 3 months. Is it training or just their legs getting longer?!?!? ;)

Heading out for some parkrun adventures were Judith C at Lalor, Cath N braved the cold at Burley Griffin, Danielle B and Renee B visited Darebin, and Frankie P and Julie S (sans Mischa) helped Euchua Moama celebrate their launch.


parkrun Report - Sat 29th April

We had 94 DCR members cross the line at Diamond Creek parkrun. Congrats to Andrew C who notched up 125 parkruns and to father-son team Craig and Trevor who celebrated 50 parkruns.

We had 7 PBs - it was 2 in a row for Colleen H and Nicole B, and an amazing 4th in a row PB for Stephen J. Donna E took 19 seconds off her PB and Dean M took 13 seconds off his. Two juniors ran PBs - Charlie W and Sebastian H. Well done to you all.

There were a few parkrun Tourists - Frankie P at Highlands, Michelle E and Kate D celebrated Lillydale Lake's 3rd anniversary, and Kirsty L and Renee B visited Darebin.

On volunteer duty this week were Robert B, Sonia G, Sally H, Gary O, Michelle R, Julie and Mischa, James S, and Renae W. Thanks guys.

parkrun Report - Sat 22nd April

Another week, another parkrun. Awesome to see a great turnout at Lalor parkrun to support Melissa F and the team celebrate their first anniversary. Here's to a great second year Lalor.

We had a lucky 7 PBs this week. It was 2 in row for Brenton  and Sandra W and Lisa K took 4 seconds off and Bec D took 7 seconds off their previous PBs. And it was Sub 34 for Colleen H, Sub 33 for Sally E and Sub 29 for Cate H. Well done to you guys.

Julie R ticked over 75 parkruns and Kirsten is now a member of Club 100 - woo hoo ladies.

Lots of DCRs out and about again this week - Erin N at Port Macquarie, Lindie G, David F, Darren P, Rebecca W-B and Carolyn L took on the hills at Westerfolds, Suzie and David visited Maribyrnong, Tara, Andrew and Lucas were at Bairnsdale, Frankie crossed the line first at Ararat's launch, Ann R, Caroline Mc, Cath N, Stephen J and Renee B went to Darebin, Christian S ran at Mullum Mullum and Bryce H, Dennis L, Jean A, James S, Kellie V, Sonia G, Megan H, Craig R, John M, Michelle M, Trevor R, Sandra S, Mara L, Judith C, Glenda M, Irene R, Toni Mc and Jess H joined the party at Lalor.

Thanks to the DCR Crew who wore the vol vests this week - Wil B, Toni, Jess and Emily, Sophie Mc, Michelle R, David S, Clarissa V, Sam Z and Lisa Z.

Hope to see you at parkrun again this Saturday.

parkrun Report - Sat 15th April

Seems lots of us got away for Easter with DCRs at parkruns all over Australia - VIC, NSW, Qld, WA, ACT:

  • Albert Park - Alyce F
  • Riverway - Toni Mc
  • Shepparton - Sally H and Kirsty L
  • Warnambool - Caroline Mc
  • Tuggeranong - Teresa T
  • Lake Joondalup - Tracey O
  • Highlands - Craig, Irene and Trevor
  • Port Macquarie - Erin N
  • Westerfolds - Carolyn L
  • Albury Wodonga - Peta
  • Bendigo - Bruce B and Lesley N
  • Inverloch - Bryce H, Daryl, Andrew & Steph
  • Phillip Island - Jenny H, Renee B, Caroline, Neil, Sophie and Ruby
  • Portland - Mike H
  • Cobram - Glenda M
  • West Beach - Katrina A
  • Darebin - Christian S and Guy W

And Jolynne ran her own pop-up parkrun on the South China Sea!

Closer to home, we had 77 on the track at DC. Congrats to Stephanie who is now a Club 10 member, to Ann R, Doreen T and Nicky H who ticked over 75 parkruns and to Richard G who notched up parkrun #125.

We had 7 PBs at DC this week. Brenton  kncked 1:01 off his time to run a sub 23, Angela M ran 44 seconds quicker than before, John M took 28 seconds off his previous PB, Nicole B ran 5 seconds quicker, and Sarah D got her second PB in a row. Raja A has PBed every month for th past 5 months, this time running sub 28. And it was all about the '3' for Sally E who got a 3 second PB with a time of 33 minutes. Well done everyone.

The photo this week is of our volunteers as they are almost all DCR members = awesome! Wearing the vests (and ears) this week were Lyn B, Tracey E, Jess H, Dianne L, Adrian L, Michelle R, Nicole and Will, Sarah S, Amelie T, Kellie V, Matilda and Cashel W. Thank you to everyone for your support of DCp.

Lalor parkrun celebrates its first anniversary this Saturday. Join ED Melissa F as they run, walk and eat cake :)

parkrun Report - Sat 8th April

Great to see two new DCR faces at parkrun this week - welcome to Brenton and Sarah D.

We had 6 DCR PBs this week. In just their second parkrun, Cate H, Melinda C and Sandra W all ran at least 30 seconds quicker than they did last week - wowzers! It was her lucky 7th parkrun for Elisha O with a 1:08 PB. And nice work by juniors Ruby Mc who got her first PB in over a year and Liam F who is on a hat trick this week after 2 PBs in a row.

Some milestones to celebrate - Cashel W and Katrina A crossed the line for 75th time, and Sarah G hit 125 parkruns looking stronger than ever. So many parkruns - well done to you three.

Once again DCR dominated the volunteer roster, with Helena C, Patrick C, Kate D, Michelle E, Megan H, John M, Sarah N and Michelle R all on duty.

Further afield, Team Keywood were at St Peters, Bruce B ran at Mornington, Sandra S was all the way over in WA at Quinns Rocks, James S and Renee B visited Maribyrnong, and we had 6 DCRs at Darebin - Frankie, Christian S, Ann R, Guy W, Cath N and Jude W.

The DCR comradery was on show when looking through the photos this week, with lots of photos of people running and walking together. It was great to read about the DCR "train", the people as described by Tracey O and Nichole W who helped them to the finish line.

Don't forget your rabbit ears if you're heading to DCp this Saturday.

parkrun Report - Sat 1st April

It was a HUGE week at parkrun for DCR with 120 members across the finish line, including 15 first-timers. Congrats to the now Ex-STR crew who we hope are now proudly calling themselves runners.

Some milestones this week - 25 parkruns for Raja A, 50 parkruns for Sarah H and 125 parkruns for Maria Louise. Well done ladies.

We had a lucky 7 record PBs this week. After 10 months, Scott T took 7 seconds off his time, Jodie W ran 23 seconds faster than before, Sammie P had a 33 seconds PB, and it was all about the 1s for Toni Mc who ran a 1:11 PB. Our juniors also got quicker with Zac G running a 5 second PB, Liam F flew in 23 seconds quicker than before, and Stephanie J had a whopping 3:13 PB. Nice work everyone.

Thanks to the DCR members who volunteered this week - Lucy, Tracey E, Michelle E, Nicholas and Darren, Sophie and Terry, Michelle R, Yvonne S, Amelie and Ben, Simone V, Kellie V and Nikki W.

Some DCR members were out and about, enjoying some parkrun tourism, including Narelle who ran at West Coast parkrun in Singapore. In Australia, Trish ran at Torrens, Carolyn L was at Westerfolds, James S was at Maribyrnong, Lesley N ran at Phillip Island, and Darebin had Cath N, Judith C, Glenda M and Renee B on the track.

Finally, a special shout out to Kim M and all the DCR members who ran parkrun with a fellow member. It was great to see and was an incredible display of the comradery of the club.