Running in the dark
When running in a group before sunrise or after sunset, all members are advised to wear appropriate clothing.

Depending on the route and distance being run, there may be sections of footpath and road which are not well lit (or not lit at all). Lights are required by members to reduce the risk of tripping on uneven surfaces and to increase visibility to drivers and other pedestrians. It is the responsibility of each individual runner to provide a light – these can include headlamps, handheld torches or clip-on lights.

Running on roads
When running in a group and it becomes necessary to run alongside a road (where there is no footpath) or on the road itself, all members will run against the traffic, at a maximum of two abreast. When a car passes, all members must drop to single file.

Where it is necessary to cross a road or driveway as part of a group run, it is the individual’s responsibility to check for oncoming traffic (bikes, cars etc) or reversing cars before crossing. Road rules (such as pedestrian signals at traffic lights) should be obeyed in all instances. Our runners' safety is of utmost importance – members are advised that unsafe behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


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