(Updated Jan 2018)

Diamond Creek Runners will endeavour to keep all members advised of any forecast extremes in weather conditions that coincide with a scheduled group run. In instances where the risk is deemed to be unacceptable to member’s health - such as extreme temperatures, flood, fire or severe storm warmings - runs will be cancelled and a notification made on our Facebook Page, our member’s Facebook group and via direct email to members.

Where an extreme weather condition has been forecast, the Session Leader will modify or cancel the run accordingly. If the apparent temperature (‘App Temp’) at 5.00pm, is 32°C using the Viewbank observation from the Bureau of Meteorology website (www.bom.gov.au/vic/observations/melbourne.shtml), runs will be changed to a Strength and Conditioning session (pending Session Leader availability). However, if the temperature at 5.00pm exceeds 35°C all DCR sessions will be cancelled.

When a cancellation occurs, the Session Leader must notify the President, Vice-President and Communications Officer so appropriate announcements can be made. We recommend all members be aware of forecast weather conditions when participating in group runs, so appropriate clothing is worn and hydration is taken into consideration.

Where possible, group runs will be scheduled to minimise exposure to high temperatures and high UV levels. It is the responsibility of each individual runner to wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and other appropriate sun-smart accessories (such as sunglasses or sun hats/visors, covered shoulders). It is also the responsibility of the individual runner to ensure they are well hydrated before taking part in any group runs organised by DCR.

On days where high fire risk warnings are issued or likely, Sessions Leaders will monitor CFA and MFB websites and ensure that group runs are not conducted in areas that have a high bushfire risk or where there is a Code Red or Extreme Rating in place. Any planned runs will be adjusted or cancelled accordingly.

Group runs will not be conducted in the event of electrical storm (severe thunder and/or lightning) or when there are gale force winds forecast. Any planned runs will be adjusted or cancelled accordingly.


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