Electronic and Social Media
Our primary means of communication with our members is via electronic media such as Facebook, our web page and email. It allows us to share club news and relevant information with our members. DCR will ensure all member communications are timely, appropriate and relevant to club-related business. Personal information regarding members will not be disclosed. All forms of elecrtonic media will respect and maintain the privacy of our members.

DCR will make every effort to ensure that all information on our website, Facebook page, Members Facebook Group and in club communications is true, accurate and complete. The material contained within these communications is not intended to be nor should it be relied on as professional advice. You should not act on the basis of anything contained in these communications without first obtaining specific professional advice.

A valid email address is required when members register with DCR. This email address will not be made accessible to other members (unless the member in question consents for it to be shared) and will not be used for any other purpose outside of club-related business. Member email addresses will not be provided to third parties (outside of DCR) in any instance without explicit consent by the member.

Our website is available to the general public. It provides information about DCR and includes a link to join our club. The website is maintained and updated by the DCR Committee.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
DCR is active on various forms of social media. These accounts are available to the general public. Social media accounts are maintained and updated by the DCR Committee.

DCR Members Facebook Group
The DCR Members Facebook group is a closed group and Administrators will only approve paid members of DCR to join this group. Posts to the DCR Members Facebook group can be made by any group member and must contain club or running related information.

The DCR Committee will monitor the Members group and if a post and/or comment is deemed offensive, abusive, inappropriate or damaging to our reputation or the reputation of any member, or deemed to be a commercial pitch, or not appropriately running- related, it will be removed and the member responsible given a warning and/or removed from the page.

The listing of members in the DCR Members Facebook group will be periodically reviewed each year against membership lists and those whose memberships have lapsed will be removed after 30 days.

Use of Photos and Videos
By becoming a member you consent to DCR using photos or videos including your image to promote our services on our website. In the instance where a member does not want an image of themselves published, they must make this clear at the time the image is taken. If an image is published and a member requests that it is removed, this will be actioned as soon as possible and the member will be informed of the action taken.

Inapporpriate Online Behavior
Members who fail to follow the guidelines above across any of our electronic communication channels may face disciplinary action. This may be a written warning, removal from group or banned from social media access, or in more serious cases, incidents may be reported to police. Cyber-bullying (bullying that is carried out through an internet service such as Facebook, email, instant messaging or website) is a criminal offence and instances of bullying behaviour (harassment, offence, intimidation or humiliation) will be reported to police if necessary.


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