Bullying/Harassment/Inappropriate Behaviour/Complaints
Diamond Creek Runners (DCR) aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment that is free from bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour of any kind. The information below is to be followed in conjunction with the dispute resolution procedures set out in the DCR Incorporated Association Model Rules.

Bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at DCR and complaints made regarding this type of behaviour will be treated as serious and dealt with promptly, confidentially and impartially.

How to deal with an issue

If you feel comfortable, DCR encouarges members to approach the person involved and ask them to stop the offending behaviour. Committee Members are available to assist if required.

If a more formal approach is required, the following steps will be taken:

  1. A formal complaint should be made to the Committee President (unless the complaint directly concerns the President, in which case the Vice President should receive it).
  2. On receiving the formal complaint the President will decide:
    1. If they are the most appropriate person to handle the complaint
    2. Whether the nature of the complaint warrants a formal resolution procedure or can be dealt with internally
    3. Whether to appoint someone to investigate (gather more information) regarding the complaint
  3. The resolution process will:
    1. Allow the complainant and implicated person to know the full details of what is being said
    2. Provide an opportunity to respond
    3. Be unbiased, fair and just
    4. Ensure that any penalties imposed are fair and just

The DCR Commitee will refer to the Australian Human Rights Commission Guidelines on good practice guidelines for internal complaint processes to ensure all incidents are handled apporpriately and following all legal requirements.


Equal Opportunity
Diamond Creek Runners is an equal opportunity club and applies this principle across all aspects of its memberships, committee appointments and volunteer approvals. All decisions will be made based on a person’s relevant skills/experience and will not be based on gender, age, marital/parental status, race, religion, physical or intellectual ability, sexual preference or political affiliation (or any other personal characteristic). An exception to this statement will only occur in the event that a member must be prohibited from club participation/membership for health and/or safety considerations.

All members of DCR are expected to treat other members and the public with respect and courtesy and will not discriminate based on personal characteristics. If a member has a concern about another member's behaviour, it should be reported to the committee immediately. Member behaviour deemed as discriminatory will be subject to disciplinary action. The DCR Committee will refer to and seek advice will be sort from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.


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